Barlow Residence
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The design intent was to modernize and reinvigorate a Victorian terrace house, creating an open and light filled house on a small budget, incorporating various passive solar design strategies.
A shallow pond was built across the width of the property directly adjacent the glass doors opening from the living area to the courtyard.  By placing the pond beside the living area, with the doors open in summer, the water has a cooling effect on the living area.  The orientation allows the prevailing summer wind to be cooled by the water.  A solar chimney, created by a centrally located light well and windows in the roof space studio, draws the cooled air through the house.
A quantum solar heat pump was installed to provide hot water and a crsytaline and an armorphous grid connect solar panel system was also used.  At the time of construction these were cutting edge technologies.
Thermal mass materials such as concrete slabs and concrete block walls were used to mitigate heat loss in winter.